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Who is, Inc.?, Inc. was founded in 1996 by experts from inside the chemical industry with experience in industrial packaging/labeling, EHS, supply chain, and information systems/technologies.

As an industry leader in developing Internet-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for the EHS market, we continuously analyze and improve our processes and products. We are focused on developing innovative solutions for global organizations to meet their complex, cross-functional, regulatory and implementation needs. Developing easy-to-use, high quality products is our top priority; our applications are reliable, robust and flexible.

RightAnswer offers SaaS applications in two expertise areas:

  • Knowledge Solutions: Our proprietary search engine continuously pulls updated chemical and regulatory information from over 100 integrated data sources – including proprietary and exclusive-use databases that undergo a rigorous editorial process. We deliver reliable data solutions for cost-effective research and decision support to meet Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements.
  • Document Solutions: Our enterprise document authoring and management solutions and The RightAnswer® System focus primarily in the industrial labeling arena. Our Document Solutions products are 100% web-based and delivered via an affordable, pay-as-you-go SaaS business model to minimize capital expenditures and information technology costs.'s corporate offices are located in Midland, Michigan with technology development focused in Seattle, Washington and Midland, Michigan. Sales offices are located in Michigan, Florida, Illinois and Colorado. Our distributor network of 20+ organizations represents sales in over 30 countries.

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What is The RightAnswer® System?

The RightAnswer® System is a complete application for the authoring, maintenance, printing, and management of structured documents like chemical labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), designed to help customers meet regulatory requirements including GHS and more:

  • Easy document creation and content manipulation
  • Extensive template design capabilities and tools
  • Dynamically generated multi-language documents
  • Flexible output and distribution options
  • Beginning-to-end document management

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Why should I choose for my document solutions? has significant experience solving industrial labeling and other document compliance challenges for some of the world's largest chemical companies:

  • Our people have comprehensive experience working inside the chemical industry developing EHS, supply chain, and document process solutions
  • Information technology excellence drives all our development – our applications are robust and adaptable to meet an ever changing landscape
  • We have a proven record for delivering exceptional custom and commercial EHS solutions since 1996

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Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

The RightAnswer® System is will run on any current operating system and browser, but is optimized to run on Windows 7/Internet Explorer 11 combination.

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What capital expenditures are required to run The RightAnswer® System?

The RightAnswer® System offers maximum flexibility with no capital expenditures or proprietary software required:

  • Browser – 100% browser based, optimized to run on Internet Explorer 11
  • Operating system – optimized to run on Windows 7
  • Output device – send final output to any printer - in your shop, down the block, across the globe

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What are the Business Benefits of The RightAnswer® System?

  • GHS capable since 2001, in use and proven since 2009
  • Supports authoring, management, distribution and printing of structured documents such as SDSs and labels (shipping, workplace, lab sample, etc.)
  • Robust functionality to support content manipulation and complex format needs including "Directions for Use" requirements by EPA/FIFRA for products such as antimicrobials
  • Designed to meet global Fortune 100 company needs – small- to mid-size companies can now take advantage of the extensive capabilities – at an affordable price
  • Reduce business exposure, provide litigation support, mitigate risk with our document management and work-flow processes
  • Printer independent
  • Non-capital expense – 100% web/Internet technologies since 2001
  • Minimal start-up time with our streamlined implementation
  • Centralized document control – import, view and manage supplier SDSs and other document files
  • Adaptable, scalable, flexible – robust to meet your needs today and tomorrow
  • Interfaces with ERP/MRP/EHS systems such as SAP®, The Wercs®, and more!
  • All online in real time – global access to all functionality
  • Download The RightAnswer® System Features and Benefits brochure

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What are the User Benefits of The RightAnswer® System?

  • Simple to learn – less than 30 minutes for most users
  • Easy to use – intuitive to authors and other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • 24/7/365 access to global real-time functionality
  • Control your processes and documents:
    • Comprehensive authoring tools and content manipulation options
    • Extensive browser-based template design functionality to manage layout for limited space forms like complex labels
    • Supports both integrated bar codes/AutoID within product labels, and separate bar code/AutoID labels
    • Phrase, graphic, template and content management options
    • Multi-language and translations management tools
  • Extensive search options for document and information retrieval
  • Download The RightAnswer® System Features and Benefits brochure

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What are the Technology Benefits of The RightAnswer® System?

  • Flexible, easier, and more cost-effective to manage and maintain – our systems have been 100% web technologies since 2001 through our SaaS subscription model
  • Supports most any commercial language – multi-byte UNICODE based
  • Event driven – user actions drive embedded work-flow processes
  • Printer independent – send documents/files to any printer, anywhere
  • Easy to adopt – runs on current browsers and operating systems
  • Delivers near limitless user/document access control and options with our grouping mechanism
  • Easily and cost-effectively interfaces with internal or 3rd party ERP/MRP/EHS systems
  • Download The RightAnswer® System Features and Benefits brochure

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