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Areas of InterestAreas of Interest

RightAnswer launches enhanced search capabilities in their OnLine™ and OnSite™ Applications as well as their OnHand™ mobile interface – all the integrated data available via a targeted content search. The new search format is designed to deliver targeted search results with fewer clicks. We have added the ability to search on targeted Areas of Interest to allow you to quickly drill down to the information you need.

For example, you can search on a desired chemical name, and narrow your search to a particular topic in Areas of Interest – and your search results will take you to that specific section/information in the documents returned (no need to page through lengthy documents looking for the relevant information).

Areas of Interest include (but are not limited to):

Chemical Identification

  • Molecular Formula/Chemical Graphic
  • Synonyms/Trade Names

… and more

Handling/Storage/Shipping/Waste Management

  • Handling and Storage
  • Disposal/Clean Up

… and more

Personal Protection

  • Eye/Face/Respiratory
  • Protective Clothing

… and more

Physical Hazards/Corrective Response Actions

  • Fire/Explosion
  • Leak/Spill

… and more

(M)SDS Documents

Report Abstracts and Studies

Toxicology/Health Hazards/Exposure

  • Exposure
  • Carcinogenicity/Toxicology (LD50 etc.)

… and more

Environmental Hazards

  • Water/Air/Soil
  • Hazardous Waste Number

… and more

Physical/Chemical Properties

  • Molecular Weight
  • Freeze/Melt/Boiling/Flash Points

… and more


  • CFR/State Regulations
  • Shipping Regulations

… and more

Reproductive Risk

First Aid/Medical Treatment

Note: If you prefer, you can continue to search as you always have.

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